12th International Super 8mm Festival 23-29 September 2013 Szeged, Hungary - Let’s Dance

Submit your Super 8mm films to the competition section of our festival!

Submission is free, but please send the following information to super8mmfest@gmail.com:

director’s name

director’s nationality

the title of the film

the length of the film

the genre of the film (such as short fiction, fiction, experimental, documentary, animation, film noir, clip, thriller)

maximum 3 sentences about the film

the year of production

True to its traditions, the 12th International Super 8mm Festival accepts only films shot in Super 8. Digital post-production is allowed.

If possible, please provide Hungarian subtitles for films not in Hungarian.

Submission deadline: 31 July 2013.

Please send in your film on DVD till the above date.

More information: http://www.facebook.com/super8mm

Contact: super8mmfest@gmail.com


A decade of Super 8

For ten years now, we have been working at saving the 8mm film technique from oblivion and at popularising this far-from-outdated equipment of film making for the up-and-coming generations of film talents.

A repository of opportunities

Our annual festival provides an opportunity for everyone filming on Super 8 to show and share their work on an international level. Every year we receive about 300 films from the US through Brazil and the UK to Japan. We have both professional film makers and beginners who hold an 8mm camera in their hands for the first time.

International relations

Since 2007, we have been working in close co-operation with the Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival. Those who submit films to our competition can, at the same time, submit them to the 2013 Cambridge Festival. On a special request, we forward these DVDs to the organisers, so the only thing to do is to fill in the entry form on http://www.cambridge-super8.org. Thanks to our Super 8 Network, we can recommend other significant 8mm festivals for filmmakers, too.

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