Cherry Kino at Leeds IFF - Submissions now open!

Cherry Kino at Leeds IFF - Submissions now open!

Submission to Cherry Kino at the Leeds International Film Festival is free, and now open!

Cherry Kino is an independent wondermental film organisation (films that fill you with, and make you, wonder - an alternative term for ‘experimental’ or ‘avant-garde ‘ ) in Leeds, UK. In 2008, Cherry Kino founded the wondermental film strand of the Leeds International Film Festival, and we are delighted to announce that submissions are now open.

Celebrating its 25th edition this November, Leeds IFF is the biggest regional festival of its kind in the UK, and welcomes in excess of 30,000 visitors. The popular ‘festival pass’ initiative means that as well as regular attendees of Cherry Kino events, the wondermental programmes attract a diverse range of audiences who are open to trying different things, leading to a vibrant, eclectic, and appreciative audience. Highly respected internationally, Leeds IFF is a public festival rather than an industry one, and we pride ourselves on the adventurous nature of our audiences which enables the Programming Team to continue to present a diverse and original programme.

Submission to Cherry Kino is FREE. Submitted works must have a completion date after January 2010. UK Premiere status is not an issue, and neither is film length. The deadline for submission is 30th September, and all applicants will be informed by 15th October. We are able to screen the following formats: Super8, 16mm, MiniDV, Digi-Beta, Beta SP, and HDCam.

Please include with your submission: a short synopsis, running time, filmmaker, country, screening format.

We look forward to the creative endeavour of experiencing your work and the structures that will emerge from it!

Please send all entries, to arrive no later than 30th September, to:

Cherry Kino c/o ESA
Patrick Studios
St Mary’s Lane
Leeds LS9 7EH
West Yorkshire

Warm regards,

Cherry Kino