Cherry Kino February Newsletter!


Yesterday’s screening of wondermental sex films ( at the Star & Shadow Cinema in Newcastle was a fantastic evening - lots of people, and a really enjoyable event. The aim of the evening was to provide an antidote to the plastic commercialism of Valentine’s Day by showing “plastic art in motion” (a term coined by Ricciotto Canudo, an Italian film theoretician) in the form of sex films that present an alternative and empowering position, to both women and men, which hopefully turned people on, physically, emotionally and mentally. You’d have to ask the audience if this aim was achieved!

The films shown, curated by Cherry Kino, were:

Fuses - Carolee Schneeman
Man & Woman & Animal - Valie Export
Halcion - Dietmar Brehm
Stiffness 1 & 2 - Albert Sackl
Skin - Elin
Night Time - Nelli Roselli
Red Like Cherry - Tora Mårtens
For the Liberation of Men - Jennifer Rainsford

The Cinema space is absolutely amazing! Definitely, definitely go and visit if you can! Run entirely by volunteers, as a Cooperative, the space is huge, and it has been almost entirely built by volunteers during building festivals and year-round work. As well as an ace cinema, with full 35mm and 16mm capacity, there’s also a big bar area (selling drinks from small and like-minded companies, with lots of tea as well), which is where loads of music gigs happen - DJ dude Bill Brewster is there this Saturday at 10pm with his record collection to blow your mind! There’s also a film lab area, with awesome film equipment that makes film geeks weak at the knees. They’ve even got a really old cinema organ that was rescued from a barn, which someone is renovating to use in the cinema - very, very cool. They have some ace things coming up, including some films by Chantal Akerman and a seminar (they’re showing “Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles” - bloody brilliant film).

A big labour of love, the Star & Shadow is a real inspiration. Thank you so much to Stephanie and Christo, and everyone who was working there that night! Check it out here:

In a day or two I’ll put a few photos and a post all about last night on the blog too.

Lindsay Seers exhibition “ It Has To Be This Way² “

At the Baltic also made a big impression. It involves a very evocative film that you watch by looking down over a railing onto it, with a narration provided by the artist’s mother while under hypnosis,
and in another area there’s a documentary, a free book, and two big sculptural forms - one of a massive red opaque diamond.
Newcastle rocks!

x CK