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Cherry Kino’s September Newsletter


The Cherry Kino MicroCinema event “A Day at the Beach” went down a treat, and also confirmed that ESA Patrick Studios is a great screening space! I think everyone had a really good time. The films were stunning, thought-provoking and entertaining. Cherry Pie was eaten.

The Cherry Kino Lab is going really well, with all equipment working as it should (at last!) and a well stocked fridge full of film and chemicals! The Lab has recently acquired a fab Super 8 editing machine too. Also, check out Cherry Kino’s listing on - (the 4 small images belong to the Vienna Lab, it’s a mistake!) it’s an excellent website for all things film lab related! You’ll also find all sorts of technical info and contact details for other labs around the world.

Coming up this month:

10th September (this Friday), 11am – 6pm, ESA Patrick Studios, St Mary’s Lane , LS9 7EH .
This is an open session for people to come and do their own Super 8 and 16mm filmmaking – shooting, processing and editing - at the Cherry Kino Lab. The lab is well equipped (Super 8, Standard 8 and 16mm projectors, 16mm Steenbeck flatbed editor, Goko Super 8 editor, splicers, cameras etc), there is a dark room for chemically processing film (with all necessary equipment), and a big room for testing out projections. You can buy a CK card (available on the day) to gain access – this is £30 and valid until July next year, and gives you free access to all OpenLab sessions plus discounts off all CK events too.

Paul Clipson’s Super 8 Film Gig!
With musical collaboration from Gareth Hardwick
22nd September 8pm, £5 on the door, ESA Patrick Studios, St Mary’s Lane , LS9 7EH .

Cherry Kino is delighted to welcome the excellent Paul Clipson (filmmaker) and Gareth Hardwick (musician) for a very special, one-off cinematic gig. This is Paul’s only UK show on his tour, so don’t miss out! Paul Clipson is a San Francisco based filmmaker who works primarily with Super 8 film.

“Maintaining a predominantly intuitive process in conceiving and creating films, where improvisation, utilizing mistakes, and “wrong” images (for example images that are overexposed or out of focus) are part of my filmmaking methodology, I’m less concerned with a preconceived end result and more with being immersed in a visual exploration of the moment. I employ a mainly handheld camera, often set at the two extremes of the focal spectrum, macro and telephoto (extreme macro close-up, extreme long shot), which maximizes the saturated textures of Super 8mm, the format I most frequently shoot in. The films are a personal recording, like a diary or essay, rendering color, light, focus and shadow in many forms, in the hope of allowing for un-thought, unexpected elements to reveal themselves.”

Paul often collaborates with musicians, and this continues to inform his practise:

“Along with the influence of experimental filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage, Marie Menkin, Bruce Conner, and Bruce Baillie, many of my recent discoveries and journeys as a filmmaker are the result of my work with musicians and bands.”

His live projection performance will be accompanied by the music of Nottingham based electro-acoustic musician Gareth Hardwick.
“’Solo ambient/drone guitar pieces, played and recorded by someone you’ve never heard of.’ This succinct introduction lifted from Gareth Hardwick’s myspace page tells a lot and not much at once. The founder and head of Low Point, a small imprint based in Nottingham, England which has been distilling some mighty fine electro-acoustic ambient music for almost half a decade now, Hardwick is before all an accomplished musician who, as a solo artist, has been releasing music since 2006, including a handful of split releases with Machinefabriek, Matt Rösner or Taiga Remains.” (from a review by The Milk Factory).
Check out Gareth’s myspace page here: - he also has a new album out called “Aversions”. And you can read Paul’s full filmmaker statement on the Cherry Kino blog

This will be a really special gig, it’d be great to see you there!

FREE EVENT - Takahiko Iimura screening and talk!
11th October 6pm, ICS Cinema, University of Leeds (location is here), FREE

On 11th October Cherry Kino is delighted to be presenting a screening plus talk with Takahiko Iimura, in collaboration with the Centre for World Cinemas ( University of Leeds ). Very excited! Iimura will be attending the event to present his films and discuss them with the audience - a chance to see some groundbreaking films and meet the seminal figure of the avant-garde who made them! Read more about it here:
This will take place at the brand new ICS cinema at the University of Leeds . I was given the grand tour by Dr Leo Enticknap on Friday and it’s a great space, so I’m looking forward to doing more CK screenings there in the future, perhaps during the Leeds International Film Festival in November.

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