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Analog film: from industry to cultural heritage

With the recent bankruptcy of the last Dutch film lab Cineco/Haghefilm,
analog film is on the verge of disappearing from the Netherlands. A number
of filmmakers and others involved, initiated a petition in an attempt to
prevent this from happening.
Despite the advantages of digital recording, many contemporary artists and
filmmakers still prefer to work with analog film. Due to the lack of a
sustainable video standard, analog film is still a prefered format f or
conservation, both for films produced on photo-chemical filmmaterial, and
for videos that were recorded electronically. We cannot rely on the market
or the industry for the conservation of cultural heritage; this is a
matter of public concern.

The petition requests that Eye Film institute and the Ministry of Culture
support the current world wide efforts to preserve analog cinema for the
future, by including the photo-chemical film technique in their
conservation policy.

If you support this request, please sign the petition via the link below,
share it on facebook and forward it to your friends:
at “Ik” you write your name
at “wonende te” you write the place where you are based
than write your email address
press “ondertekenen”
on the next screen you can list your profession at “functie of situatie”
than press “bewaren”
You’ll receive an e-mail that you need to reply to
click on “U kunt uw ondertekening bevestigen door op deze zin te klikken”

Click here;

Thank you all for helping out…

Frank Bruinsma