collective film document S8 labmeeting 2011 zagreb KLUBVIZIJA (Zagreb/Croatie)

hi Everybody,

just got developed a beautiful collective film document S8 Trix,
shot during a group talk on teaching film strategies last labmeeting in zagreb 2011.
the S8 camera was circling from hand to hand during discussing.

style :
- collective film
- uncut, raw, camera edit
- appearance of different members of labs(also shoes and unfocused imagery)
- s8 kodak tri x
- pure document ( experim.), single frame, 24 ps, close ups, moving camera
- 3 minutes

is anyone interested to include in their programm for the U.S. meeting at TIE?
Berlin, Athens, Zagreb, Rotterdam, Paris, Bogota, ......

no necessity for putting my name.
if credits : thanks to zagreb KLUBVIZIJA (Zagreb/Croatie) and kodak S8 tri x

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