September 13th 2011

A Co-production of Goethe-Institut Athens with LabA, in cooperation with LaborBerlin

A group of LaborBerlin collegues was in Athen for a film event on handmade film. In the program a workshop, talks and screenings. 3 films of our Postcards series were shown.

LaborBerlin Screening Athen 2011
Pan of the Landscape, Christopher Becks 2005
Duke, Clara Bausch 2009
Pas A Pas, Sophie Watzlawick 2011
False Friends, Sylvia Schedelbauer 2007
Destination Finale, Philip Widmann 2008
POSTCARDS Bruxelles -La mort d’un investigateur, M. Dullius & G. Jahn 2008
POSTCARDS Florianópolis -O nascimento de Vênus, M. Dullius & G. Jahn 2008
POSTCARDS Porto -Mummia, M. Dullius & G. Jahn 2007
Beyrouth, Aautomne 2005 (1), Leïla Saadna 2005
H(I)J, Guillaume Cailleau 2009
Enter, Anja Dornieden 2010
Copiepirate, Irène Revolte 2007
How To Catch A Mole, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy 2009

Curator: Vassily Bourikas – filmmaker, film curator and co-founder of LabA