Independent filmlabs in focus at the international film festival rotterdam January 2008

Starting from Scratch : handprocessing film / lab collectives

presented in collaboration with WORM.filmwerkplaats

26th jan. 2007 – 1st feb. 2008 International Film Festival Rotterdam

The 6th edition of Starting from Scratch is coming up!
The special program of the International Film Festival Rotterdam focuses on labs, collectives and handprocessing films with an artist in residence program, performances, workshops, installations, a collective film project and lots and lots of films.

The programme will be held in Lantaren/Venster and WORM. After two years of successful cooperation in the field with the Starting from Scratch workshop, this year WORM will be a fully fledged festival location for the first time.

WORM filmwerkplaats – Rotterdam (host)
Atelier MTK – Grenoble, France
Ad Libitum – Cras, France
LABO – Brussels, Belgium
Sector 16 – Hannover, Germany – London, UK
L’Abominable – Paris, France
Burstscratch – Strasbourg, France
Atelier Libusin – Libusin, Czech Republic
Niagara Customs Lab – Toronto, Canada
Filmfarm – Mount Forest, Canada
Space Cell – Seoul, South Korea
LIC / MVD – Montevideo, Uruguay

Meet and greet on Sat. 26th jan. at LabLunch in WORM

Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, La Foxe (Atelier MTK), Destra o Sinistra (LABO), Le Point Aveugle (Burstscratch), John Price + Machinefabriek, De un Vastimo Mar (LIC / MVD), Paradiso Stills – Stil Levens (Jaap Pieters + LYSN), The Wooden Lightbox (Alex MacKenzie), Cucinema di Genzano, Super 8 Game Arcade (Mobileskino)

‘Scratching from Start’ opening party Sat. 26th jan. at WORM. 100% analog evening with Daniel Menche, Eniless + Gruesome Twosome, DJ Sticky Glue and a loop bar.

New films by Charlotte Pryce, Tomonari Nishikawa, Olivier Fouchard, Pip Chodorov, Esther Urlus, Peter Beyer, Olivier Dutel, James Schneider, Daichi Saito, Francien van Everdingen, Daan de Bakker, Amanda Dawn Christie, Ben Rivers, Yo Ota, Jun’ichi Okuyama and many others
+ Niagara Custom Lab program curated by Sebastjan Henrickson, Filmfarm program curated by Philip Hoffman, and Japanese 8mm kick-ass curated by Ken Okubo

Workshop by Metamkine
The French live performance pioneers of Metamkine will hold a 3 day workshop focusing on live presentation of 16mm film and working with sound. Christophe Auger and Xavier Querel are masters of exploring multiple projection possibilities while Jerome Noetinger investigates electro-acoustic environments. The WORM.filmwerkplaats / filmlab and CEM soundstudio belong to their area of work. The results will be presented live in WORM on Tue. 29th jan.
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Portraits: the Starting from Scratch collective film
Point of departure is a series of directors’ portraits shot at the festival (on 16mm) that will be developed, processed and edited in the laboratory of the WORM.filmwerkplaats. A project that will enable each of the filmmakers to communicate his own technique / signature in a practical and active way to the other filmmakers using different film stocks and relevant applications. The results will be presented in suitable surroundings during the festival.
The project will be realised in collaboration with artist / cameraman Ben Rivers and artist / WORM.filmwerkplaats regular Pim Zwier.

Starting from Scratch / WORM.filmwerkplaats residency
For many film makers (especially outside Europe) a lack of facilities means they cannot make the films they really have in mind. The Starting from Scratch artist-in-residence programme wants to support film makers to realise and present the projects they dream of filming. Three film makers have been invited (Anuradha Chandra, Masha Godovannaya and Amanda Dawn Christie) in order to spend a month in Rotterdam making use of the unique facilities and with the expert assistance of the WORM.filmwerkplaats. The results will be presented during the festival.

We hope to see you in Rotterdam

Erwin van ‘t Hart
Esther Urlus

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