Labos Sector 16 / Hannover - collective-film GEISTZEIT (35mm / 93 min.)

For over ten years a group of artists have been working at Sector 16 together on a film about consciousness and the reception of the medium film itself.

“GEISTZEIT” is the product of these years of research and work. The films main string is about the individuation process and selfawareness embodied in the figures of child, adult and mentor. The voyages through destructed and natural landscapes of these characters lead to a final ascend in flicker-sequences. The film is structured in eight parts analog to eight levels of consciouness which mirror certain aspects of filmscreening. All in all it is a visual experience to lighten the spirit. We have a 35mm-Blow-up from 16mm,

a DIGIBETA-Version and a DVD with english subtitles.

Best wishes

Klaus Weingarten

( Sector 16 )

Sector 16 - Häkenstr. 4 / 30952 Ronnenberg (Hannover)