| news and events | February 2008

1. lab move to Bethnal Green
2. Decomposing the Image workshop, Saturday February 2nd and 9th, 10 – 4pm, and 10 – 4:30pm at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield WF4 4LG, £20, and Exposing Time screening, 16 February 2008, 2–4.30pm, Roger Evans auditorium (Yorkshire Sculpture Park), Free
3. Hand-cranked Luminescent Jewellery workshop with LoVid, Saturday February 16th 10:30 – 5pm, £40 / £50

1. move to Bethnal Green

We are excited to announce that during February we will be moving to new premises in Bethnal Green. This new lab will house all the equipment in the same building uses for Light Reading events.
As a consequence of this move the last date for black and white 16mm to be processed is the 31st January, film dropped off before this date will be available for collection from our Kingsgate Place address during the following week. On-site courses and workshops will resume in the new lab from the first of March. Our new address will be:, 1st floor, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AG.
Telephone number and email addresses will remain the same.

2. Decomposing the Image workshop, Saturday February 2nd and 9th 10 – 4 and 10 – 4:30pm at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield WF4 4LG, £20.
For information on the screening and workshop, or to book call 01924 832642 or email
Running over two consecutive Saturdays, this intensive hands-on workshop organised by will provide participants with the opportunity to experiment with the possibilities of cameraless filmmaking.
Using the natural landscape of the park, relationships between the moving image, nature and the filmstrip will be explored.
Activities will include: applying organic materials found in the park to the film strip using homemade emulsions; exploring bacterial and atmospheric decomposition of found footage through exposure to the natural elements; and the retrieval, study and editing of film that is currently out in the landscape of the park. The workshop will also include screenings of artists’ work and opportunities for discussion.

Exposing Time screening, 16 February 2008, 2–4.30pm, Roger Evans auditorium (Yorkshire Sculpture Park), Free
Exposing Time is a special afternoon series of artists’ film and video screenings about the interaction of the moving image with the elemental processes in nature. The works in the programme use film and video as a measure of not only time, but of the landscape itself and our relationship to it. From the literal scarring and decomposition of the image through direct exposure to earth, wind and water; to the organic interplay of the elements with the mechanics of the recording apparatus itself – all the works in the series depend upon the mutual participation of the maker with the unpredictable forces of nature Featuring work by Schmelzdahin, David Gatten, Chris Welsby, Pablo Marin, Larry Gottheim, Rose Lowder, Robert Morris, Nathaniel Dorsky and Alix Poscharsky amongst many others.
Exposing Time and Decomposing the Image are organised and curated by William Rose for and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

3. Hand-cranked Luminescent Jewellery with LoVid, Saturday February 16th 10:30 – 5pm £40 for members, £50 for non-members.
Places are limited, so booking is essential. To book please contact James at: or call for more information: 0207 372 3925.

Fashion is inherently social, a way to interact with people and to communicate personal ideas and form connections nonverbally.
This hands on, practical workshop run by New York based artists LoVid (an interdisciplinary artist duo composed of Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) builds on design and art through the use of science and technology, and will allow participants to gain insight into electronic components and circuits that produce light including LED’s, electroluminescent wire, and LCD screens. The course will encompass wearable technology, performance, and alternative power sources such as hand-cranks, foot pedals, and bicycle dynamos, as well as environmental energy sources including solar and wind power. Importantly, it will also provide building blocks and a starting point for future experiments and developments. The course is suitable for those with no experience in electronics and soldering.

LoVid’s work includes live video installations, sculptures, digital prints, patchworks, media projects, performances, and video recordings which explore the translation, decay, and preservation of natural, electrical, and biological signals through a cross media and interdisciplinary practice. LoVid have toured the US and Europe extensively performing, exhibiting, and lecturing at PS1, The Neuberger Museum, The Butler Institute of American Art, Exit Art, Evolution Festival (UK), The Kitchen, RISD, Massachusetts College of Art, Kansas City Art Institute, Chicago Art Institute, Cincinnati Art Institute, Oberlin, University of Wisconsin, FACT, Futuresonic Festival (UK), The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Ocularis, and Institute of Contemporary Art London among many others.

Please note that this event accompanies a screening of LoVid’s work at a Light Reading event on Sunday 17th February at Handcranked Luminescent Jewellery will take place at’s new premises:
1st Floor 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road London E2 0AG