Phenix by Catherine Libert - Nova Cinema -Lab Brussel

First Preview of Phénix, a film by Catherine Libert

At Cinéma Nova - 3, rue d’Arenberg, 1000 Bruxelles

14 May 2015 at 20:00

“We have nothing to lose but everything to misplace”

There are movies that take so long to be made that they becomes an inherent part of your life like someone you love. It took 13 years for Phenix to be created. We left twice for 2 summers in Ostende to film, without any budget but much solutions and stubbornness. We then edited and worked on the image with insane criteria of requirement and care. We spent hours in film labs, days on the optical printer and years to search for fundings. Shot on super 8 and 16 mm, it is a fiction that could be a documentary, an experimental diary of our sleepless nights, our blind suns, of those we lost and those we love.


Ce film a été écrit, filmé, enregistré, monté, mixé et étalonné par :

Catherine Libert, Sébastien Koeppel, Aline Blondiau, Fred Piet, Orlan Roy, Manu de Boissieu, Loup Brenta

avec l’aide précieuse de : Khristine Gillard, Laurent Thurin-Nal, Michel Balagué, Christophe Bouckaert

Production :

Polymorfilms , Stempel Films, House on fire, l’Ecole Moderne

avec le soutien de la commission Filmslab (Centre du cinéma FWB) et le CNAP

avec, par ordre d’apparition :

Sébastien Koeppel, Claire Dubien, Orlan Roy, Ian Ducheyn,

Paola Casagrande, Dominique Fellman, Gloria Gonzalez Fuster,

Robinson Stévenin, Fred Piet, Dimitri Merchie, Albert Koeppel,

Marc Jacobs, ...

Musique : Leïla Albayati et Dimitri Merchie