Super 8mm message in a bottle

This message will not be too long, but more than 8mm!

Dear Filmmaker friend!
Please send Your film message to our Super 8mm Film Festival, to Hungary, to Szeged in a virtual bottle by Internet!

The technique is up to You.
What we want is a short film, the length is maximum 3 minutes.

We would like hear Your answers to these questions:
Pro primo: Why did You choose the film to transmit Your feelings?
Pro secondo: Do You prefer the 8mm technique, and why?
Pro tertio: What is Your message to us, to our festival?

Shoot Your film, edit it, than put it on the Internet, than post it on our facebook page, or send us the link till 27th of September!

In 27th of September we shall screen the messages on our festival programme.

the Super8 Szeged Group, the Rescue Team of Memories