Laboratorio de Cine/FAC

Laboratorio de Cine/FAC / Montevideo / Uruguay

Adress : Piedras 631. C.P.11.000. Montevideo, Uruguay


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Coordination : Guillermo Zabaleta

Video realization by Elena Solis

The FAC laboratory is a space for the creation and investigation on the photochemical image. It is part of the Fundacion de Arte Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Foundation), an collective of artists that fosters and investigates contemporary art and thought in Montevideo since 1999. The lab is self-managed through solidary economy and collaborative work.
In this space, all analogic film formats are explored, and the complete process is performed. We film in super8 and 16mm with mechanical traction cameras, we develop film in Russian tanks, and we have the possibility of doing positive process in an optical printer or contact copier. We have also worked with film without a camera.
The lab organizes activities designated to preserve celluloid through seminars, master classes, and archival restoration management. We also create alternative circuits for the diffusion of experimental film.
We declare our space one of resistance to programmed obsolescence. Our artistic practices looks to expand the limits or art through the creation of new links between cinema, poetry, photography, performance art, intervention, the graphic image, and sound.
We carry out internships, tutorials, residencies and exchanges with colleagues from all around the world. The lab is open to the public.