Artist Film Workshop

Melbourne’s Artist Film Workshop (AFW) began as a series of workshops and
film-only screenings in 2011. After 18 months, AFW found a permanent base
at Goodtime Studios. The AFW lab space was inaugurated in 2012 with more
than 20 founding members, who constructed a wet lab, dry dark room, common
space and screening room. The lab was officially launched in May 2013 with
the inaugural exhibition ‘Equinox’ at the Goodtime Studios exhibition

The lab is furnished with cameras, projectors, printers and editing
equipment. These include Standard 8, Super8, Bolex and Kiev16mm cameras; 8
and 16mm projectors; Lomo tanks, a Bell and Howell Model C contact printer
and editing/developing equipment including two Steenbeck flatbed editors.

In addition to the lab facilities, AFW runs a regular program of
screenings and workshops with a strong emphasis on teaching and learning.
Information about these events can be found on the AFW website:

AFW operates as a central hub for individual and collaborative film
activity, with all decisions made and financed by lab members. If AFW has
a manifesto, perhaps it is “Do what thou wilt.”