here is a new Artist Run LAB in Hamburg / Germany!


Its run by different Artists from the Art School of Hamburg
and is specialized in 16&35mm B&W developing…

there is some financial help from the Art School
but in general it runs in form of free organization with 25-35 people…

its open to everyone interested in experimenting with 16mm and 35mm Film
The Maschine is old but a truly workhorse,
mostly we try to get as much Cans as possible and everybody Runs it own film through it…

It´s the ARRIBLOC400 from 1972 that can develop
Black&White Negative in 16mm and 35mm formats
we have very good results with D96 developer with
Kodak Plus and Double X and ORWO UN54 and UN74 Negative films

We are also already connected with Labor Berlin and Sector16 from Hannover