Klubvizija Zagreb

“Klubvizija SC” is a creative filmmaking workshop, lab for 8 mm and 16 mm film, and analog photography.
It is the only film lab for manual film development in Croatia and whole region.

The main purpose of “Klubvizija SC” is to encourage visual artists to work creatively with the film, to give them an irreplaceable practical experience and create opportunities to meet and work with a number of film professionals.

Also, the goal is to create a center that would become a place of gathering technical, but to the same extent and artistic knowledge of the free visual expression.

We want “Klubvizija SC” to pass on the film knowledge that was collected for decades, but was on the brink of oblivion, to the new generation of film-makers. “Klubvizija SC” is thankfull to Pip Chodorov who donated most of the equipment, Tanya Small who helped us and gave her energy to get the lab started, as well as to the “Culture of change” which gave the lab a place to work and develop further more.

“Klubvizija SC” organizes various workshops with reputable film-makers on regular bases, art projects and continuing education for film and photography. Equipment of “Klubvizija SC” is free for all members to use, membership is also free, and everyone with basic technical knowledge of film can became a member. The basic rule of “Klubvizija SC” is that each member works independently on his work with the minimum possible technical support of other lecturers or leaders of “Klubvizija”.

Members are expected to independently shot, develop and edit films.
Project “Klubvizija SC” is supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC).

Klubvizija SC
Sveuãili”te u Zagrebu
Studentski centar
MM centar
Savska cesta 25
10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 1 459 3522
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Email: sc.klubvizija@gmail.com