30 rue de Genève
93 120 La Courneuve
tel : 01 82 02 62 72


L’Abominable is an artist-run film lab.

It puts at artists’ disposal the tools that let them develop, print and otherwise work on motion picture film.
The lab is structured as an association and doesn’t offer services : one must become familiar with the various tools and do the job by himself.  For this purpose initiation days are organized regularly to familiarize new members.

Afterwards, one can work autonomously while assistance is available to help with various techniques on the available equipment.
Artists financing their work from their own pocket pay modest fees that help cover the lab’s operation costs; in that case, assistance is free.  However, members’ projects that are funded by grants contribute an amount for assistance given.

L’Abominable archives documents and videos of the projects that have been produced at the lab since its founding in 1996.  A regularly updated list of these works can be found at http://www.l-abominable.org .

As indicated on the list, most of the films are distributed either by le Collectif Jeune Cinéma or Light Cone.