1717 Troutman Street, Suite 244
Ridgewood, NY 11385



Negativland Film Lab is an artist-run motion picture work space based in Ridgewood, NY. Initiated in 2012 in response to a rapidly collapsing commercial film industry, Negativland exists to serve those who continue to pursue creative explorations in analogue filmmaking. Our focus is on experimental photographic processes, collaborative work, open dissemination of technical knowledge, and a continued desire for greater autonomy in the production of finished works on film.

Our darkroom space has a maximum capacity of 6 people.  We have several lomo tanks, morse tanks, and buckets for film processing, and keep constituents for black and white negative, reversal, color ECN-2, and ECP chemistry on hand.  Our Takita 16mm/reg8 contact printer can make both black and white and color prints, as well as black and white duplicate negatives and color internegatives.  We also have an 16mm editing table, projectors, as well as rewinds and tape splicers.  Negativland keeps small amounts of camera and lab films available for sale.