Students FilmClub Resita

Piata Traian Vuia nr. 1-4, Resita, Caras-Severin
mobile: + 40745990422

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Students Cinema Club operates on the site of the Amateur Cineast Museum.
The location is in the old projection room of the Cinema 23 august.

The Film Club has a large variety of functional cameras which can be operated by film enthusiasts. The collection covers over 100 models including: Bolex, Arriflex, Bell&Howell, Krasnogorsk, Canon (9,5, double 8, super 8, 16mm and 35mm).

The collection can be seen here.
We work with Foma black and white film, Foma processing kit and Lomo tanks.

For editing we have one 16mm steenbeck, a small 16mm Meopta viewer, and many more 8mm and super 8 viewers. For projecting we use either romanian 16mm projector made by IOR (Romanian Optic Institut) or Bell&Howell projector.
For 35mm film we use 2 portable projector - Tk 35 and KH.

Regarding stationary projectors we have in the collection two romanian models: Aps 35-7 – made after the russian Gomz Kpt 1 – and two models of Meopta 5X.
The club has a great number of tehnical publications covering the equipment and innovations brought to projectors used in romanian cinemas.

We also have all the equipment needed for analog photography.
Whoever is interested in working with analog film is welcomed.
We provide help in digitalizing analog film.

The cinema is suported by
the Student House of Culture and by University “Eftimie Murgu” from Resita.