Sector 16

Independent Film Lab
Voltmestr. 71D/E 30165 Hannover/Germany
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Sector 16 is a nonprofit collective film club and laboratory, which supports since 15 years independent filmmaking.
In this time a lot of filmic works were made from thegenres of experimental and documental cinema.

As well as works from expanded cinema and also narrative strategies in film got developed. The name Sector 16 is taken from that very important part of the filmprojector and the analog film format 16 mm, which ist the main media this lab is working in.

While the digital world is spinning faster and faster and lots of pseudo innovations take place, we are still convinced of the poetic and empatic strength of the analog filmformats(super 8, 16 mm, 35 mm)

And we will try to keep those alive!

These films and their filmmakers have all their origin in the fine arts.
Always important to our collective film lab sector 16 was the collective und individual approach of new aesthetics in film and referring to contemporary tendencies of society.

Right now the sector had its 15th anniversary and made a couple of screenings, lectures and of course celebrations.
The topics of the works reach from personal diaries to abstract filmic worlds over to agit pop and the experiment of perception in the audiovisual space and time.

Last year we made a dvd collection of sector 16 works, which is called -
“Sector 16 and Friends- between ego and collective in reflexion of consciousness”
There are 18 short works on this dvd-collection, most of them are made in 16 mm and including genres just mentioned.
This dvd-collection costs 30 euros and is available on this mail : .

Next year the sector will present some of the newer works at the “starting from scratch” programm at the filmfestival rotterdam. (26 january - 1 february)

Peter Beyer (Sector 16)