88 rue Ange Blaize F3500 Rennes
treiz (arobase)

TREIZ is an association based in Rennes (France), created Friday, March 13, 2009. It aims to develop artistic projects such as productions of films, books, etc..

It is also a collective of artists who regularly makes films together, enjoys playing with the “artistic constraints volunteers” and takes pleasure in blurring signatures.

Concretely, the association possesses:
- A film development lab (super 8, 16mm, 35mm) B&W (C4 process) and color on demand (E6 process)
- A fleet of equipment film / telecine / editing / film and video projection

Members have access to this material on how “do-it-yourself”.

Specializes in super 8 (as well as practicing the 16 mm and 35 mm), and practitioner training workshops and films, we particularly like to show and share these practices with others.

Finally TREIZ, organize “soirées TREIZ” evenings, featuring 13 of each month, a range of contemporary art (experimental cinema, video art, electronic music, contemporary poetry, etc.), with a preference for political projects.

The list of films directed or assisted by TREIZ is available here: