Via Passerini 18
Milano – Niguarda


UnzaLab is an independent and no profit cine-lab, based in Niguarda, a suburb of Milan, Italy.
In UnzaLab is shared knowledge and tools to work with super8 and 16mm film (cameras, projectors, development tanks, chemicals and other stuff) so anyone who wants explore the film can use the lab.
In UnzaLab is encouraged a collective and horizontal approach to the film production.
In UnzaLab there is a Microcinema where spread experimental cinema
UnzaLab is also a Photo and Film Archive focused on the history of the city.

The main activities of UnzaLab are:

Production of collective film focused on the urban and human landscape

Technical and Cultural workshop focused on the analogue-film

Exhibitions, screenings and performances.

Photo and Film archive