L’ébouillanté came into existence before the era of the internet.  The publication was created following at a meeting of labs in Grenobles in 1995 and its editions were the initiative of the same labs responsible for its creation.  This newspaper was an informational link between labs and a source of technical and practical knowledge for the materials of cinema.

It was concocted by, amongst others, L’Abominable (Paris), Mire (Nantes), MTK (Grenoble), Les films de la belle de mai (Marseille), Elu par cette crapule (Le Havre), Molodoi (Strasbourg), Zebra Lab (Geneva), Studio Een (Rotterdam), and Kino-Trotter (Brussels).

Here are a number of its editions.

Ebouillanté n°1
Ebouillanté n°2
Ebouillanté n°3
Ebouillanté n°4
Ebouillanté n°5
Ebouillanté n°6 (Fax)
Ebouillanté n°7
Ebouillanté n°8
Ebouillanté n°9
Ebouillanté n°10
Ebouillanté n°11
Ebouillanté n°12
Ebouillanté n°13
Ebouillanté n°14
Ebouillanté n°15