Welcome to filmlabs.org

Artist-run film labs implement an original way of using production tools, through their collective organizations, for filmmakers and artists currently working with celluloid film.

They act as an experimental ground for cinema (beyond any genre) at a time when the industry is gradually getting rid of film and, with that, the means to process and print.

This website gives an overview of the organizations that have emerged in Europe, America and Asia.  It serves as a portal for sharing information about labs and is also a place for debating aesthetic, political and technical questions raised by this on-going endeavor.

On the site one can find historical overviews of artist-run film labs, texts about their practices, descriptions of recent works, a large technical section documentation of past artist-labs’ meetings, as well as a subscription page to our three mailing-lists, forum, potlatch and the agenda.




This website was started following the 2005 lab meeting in Brussels. The initiative stems from members of cinema Nova and of film labs in the network. If you would like to participate, add content or send your comments or suggestions, please write to webmestre@filmslabs.org