Grenoble 2000-d’Alembert Street 102

Festival de pellicules (Festival of films) - Pellicula et Basta - Grenoble, May 10-20

Ten days of projections, performances, installations and meetings of artists’ or independent labs in four different locations of Grenobles included

L’Abominable (Paris), Mire (Nantes), MTK (Grenoble), Les films de la belle de mai (Marseille), Elu par cette crapule (Le Havre), Cinélove (Strasbourg), Zebra Lab (Geneva), Sector 16 (Hanover), Labometrique (Toulouse), Superrottomonamour (Torino), Studio Een (Rotterdam), and Ad Libidum (Cras).

Here is the festival brochure.

Meeting program
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