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the captured light of an instant
a film by Lichun Tseng
Year of production : 2017
Format of production : 35 mm
Format of diffusion : 35 mm
Length : 20'44
Distrib. : EYE filmmuseume
Link : Click here
Phone : password: 19800909
Mail :
Inspired by the personal observations of Fernando Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet, and his hundred-year-old city guide of Lisbon. This film is an audio-visual investigation of time, a visual poetry researching different perspective of time, passage of time, time rift in experience, mind and space. A flow of the passage of time is created by a conversation and connection between the present and the past.

Added : 16/06/2018

a performance by James Holcombe
Lab(s) : NO.W.HERE
Year of production : 2015
Format of production : 16 mm
Format of diffusion : 16 mm
Length : 60'0
Distrib. : Via artist
Link : Click here
Phone : 07548125450
Mail :
The Tyburn Gallows stood in London near Hyde Park and Marble Arch for over 700 years.

Placing the history of this execution site in a contemporary context, this work explores the ‘presence and absence’ of the Tyburn Tree in our collective unconscious, and explores the parallels between contemporary and historical notions of crime in relation to economy and property, the spectacular nature of punishment, and the state’s use of the body as a site for political control.

Shot on 8mm and 16mm film and hand processed, Tyburnia plays out as either a digital single screen work or as an expanded 16mm film with live soundtrack by Dead Rat Orchestra.

Added : 16/05/2018

Là est la maison
a film by Victor De Las Heras & Lo Thivolle
Year of production : 2017
Format of production : 16 mm
Format of diffusion : 16 mm
Length : 13'0
Distrib. :
Link : Click here
Phone :
Mail :
From outside, one cannot see,
from inside, one can hear all.
From afar the paths are closing,
when from closer the possible open up.

Festivals :
- Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris
- Festival L'Age d'Or, Bruxelles,
- Semaine Asymétrique du Polygone Etoilé, Marseille
- International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, section Labs
- Festival Côté Court, Pantin

Added : 11/05/2018

Dos sueños después
a film by pilar monsell
Year of production : 2017
Format of production : Multiformat
Format of diffusion : 16 mm
Length : 18'0
Distrib. :
Link : Click here
Phone : 0034 - 626317001
Mail :
A few dreams, dozens of hotel rooms, an escape. A pine forest. The backs of some women, looking at the sea. A counter-shot of the happiness. The emptiness that remains after a complex, two-way movement: that desire to escape and the inability to leave behind that which stops us from doing so.

Added : 10/05/2018

a film by Laboratorio Reversible
Year of production : 2018
Format of production : Super 8
Format of diffusion : Super 8
Distrib. :
Link : Click here
Phone :
Mail :
veCINES is the first collective film from Laboratorio Reversible, Barcelona. It has been shoot collectively with super 8 reversal film and hand-processed at our lab.

veCINES is a collective film-neighbourghood-portrait of the place we live and the people with we share the place: Poblesec. Close to the center of the city, we are surrounded by the tension between gentrification and resistance. Everything is alive.

Added : 10/05/2018

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