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-Hello World !+====== Welcome to Wikipelloche ====== 
 +Wikipelloche is a [[https://​​wiki/​Wiki|wiki]] dedicated to analog film, be it used for still pictures (photography) or moving images (cinema, installation,​ performance). 
 +Wikipelloche is born after the Maddox meetings, where a group of filmmakers/​chemists are putting together the knowledge and know-hows for making handmade emulsion, ie [[:​en:​photographic_emulsion|photographic emulsion]] in an [[:​en:​artisanal_production|artisanal production]]. 
 +This wiki is hosted by [[http://​|]],​ a world network of artist-run filmlabs, where filmmakers and artists keep on exploring analog film as a medium for their production. 
 +**To contribute** to Wikipelloche,​ you just need to send a request to wikimaster [at] filmlabs [dot] org, giving the username and password you'd like to use. It is also highly recommanded to read __**[[:​en:​how_to_publish_on_wikipelloche|how to publish on wikipelloche]]**__,​ where you can find how the website works and a naming convention. 
 +{{  :​kit-de-base.jpg?​nolink&​400x261 ​ }} 
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