Lab Reps & Filmmakers To Convene At The Foot Of Pikes Peak

TIE’s upcoming festival (November 20-24, 2013) seeks to invigorate and connect artist-run film labs while advancing the dialogue on contemporary screen culture and moving-image media. TIE has always been committed to providing exposure and resources to artists working at the fringes of contemporary screen culture, helping to connect and support those whose investigations into the practices of celluloid continue to prove that it is a medium with vital and inexhaustible potential for human expression and social critique. Our upcoming series of activities and associated literature seek to challenge the conception of film as an outmoded form of artistic representation, and to counteract the consequent closure of access to mainstream film labs and technologies that this thinking has occasioned. Rather than viewing this state of affairs as unfortunate, TIE sees a tremendous opportunity for those concerned to fully appropriate the means of filmic production for themselves, and to do so in a way that is inclusive and revolutionary, to quote Nicolas Rey, “As the moving picture industry gradually abandons the film medium, the equipment, the knowledge, the practices migrate into artists’ hands.”

TIE’s five-day festival, dedicated exclusively to artist-run film labs and held at Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center, Colorado College, will be organized into individual film programs from each film lab. In addition to the exhibition of outstanding work from each collective, several of the filmmakers will be in attendance to answer questions and contribute to the development of the dialogue. Lectures, receptions, panel discussions, a photo exhibit, installations and workshops will also be featured. The festival aims to be a meeting place for these different experimental film labs and the general public, to foster the transmission of knowledge and experience cross-culturally.

Included among the slew of workshops are Chromaflex – experimental colour with Richard Touhy (who is assisting in organizing the festival/conference) and Cinematographe: The Hand Cranked Film with Kevin Rice.

The festival/conference is open to the public with attendees from across the U.S. and abroad. More information on registration and fee schedule will be announced shortly.

Contact: TIE
Tel. 503/298.4984