Work on film is pure logic. It is interesting how many possibilities logic gives when you use it creatvily. Many film moments suprise us, impress us, spark our imagination. The film effects seem to open a door to surreal worlds, although they can be simply explained and do not stray far from the principals of using basic natural laws.

“Filmlabs Meeting Zagreb 2011” is, as the title suggests, an international meeting of film laboratories. This year it will take place from 21. to 24. of September as a satellite event to the 25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival, organised by Klubvizija SC (Culture of Change) of the Student Centre in Zagreb.The small film laboratory “Klubvizija SC” invites all laboratories and film craftsmen who appreciate work on film to join the meeting with the goal of creating an open environment in which each attendant will learn to improve their laboratory and to arrive at complete independence.

Guests from countries which still do not have their own independent laboratories can reap the most benefits; they may be inspired to set up their own laboratory where films will be produced which could innovate Cinematography to a degree we could not imagine. The entire program consists of round table discussions, film projections, installations and exchange of practical knowledge between all participants.Throughout history there have been few similar meetings : 1997 in Geneva, 2000 in Grenoble, 2005 in Brussels and 2008 in Rotterdam.

This year, together with the 25FPS Festival, the meeting will take place in Zagreb Student Centre, with strong support from the Croatian Cultural Society and the City of Zagreb.

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