A Proposal to Project

  • Lab
  • Production year 2017
  • Production format 16 mm
  • Screening format 16 mm
  • Duration 2′
  • A Proposal to Project

  • a Film
  • by Viktoria Schmid
  • Description (english) Schmid builds her own projection screens which range from formats currently in use ( in this case 4:3, the format she uses the most as using 16mm as her main medium) to entirely fictitious ones (the 4:1 “Viktoriascope”) and if possible she then films them in the exact same format. While at an artist residency at the Djerassi Program in Caalifornia, the artist constructed one of these screens from wood and canvas and installed it within the program’s sculpture park. Still standing there, it is an unexpected object on the pathway to a scenic view of the rolling hills on the Djerassi property. In “A proposal to project” Schmid shot this site-specific installation throughout a single day when the screen turned into a projection surface for the subtle interplay of shadow and light from the surrounding trees and shrubs. Cinema without film. (Text: Claudia Slanar)
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