Blue of Noon

  • Lab
    • Autre / Other
  • Production year 2017
  • Production format Multi-format
  • Screening format Video
  • Duration 75′
  • Blue of Noon

  • a Film
  • by Carles Asensio
  • Description (english) Mary, Joseph and the mule are the three archetypal characters, and the excerpt interpeted is the hypothetical excursion from Nazareth to Bethlehem before the divine birth. What did Joseph and Mary say to each other, before having the Child? Blue of Noon is an acid western film about the story of the Holy Family before the legend. A mind-blowing and mysterious odyssey through the Promised Land. Made in Mexico (director’s note) The original idea of the story was the parallelism I observed between pictorial representations of the Annunciation with descriptions of people abducted by aliens. Blue of Noon is a syncretic film mixing religious myths, conspiracy theories, experimental psychedelic music, and 16mm film and digital video. Shot on Durango (Mexico), the old american movie westerns landscape. “Within all the stories, songs, metaphors, parables, archetypes and myths are the actual descriptions of all salient events and facts, formulae and processes. There is no possibility, in this sense, of fiction – everything is true.” Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Thee Psychick Bible. 2010
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