But you are

  • Lab
    • Autre / Other
  • Production year 2013
  • Production format Super-8
  • Screening format Super-8
  • Duration 20′
  • But you are

  • a Performance
  • by 70FPS Andrea Saggiomo
  • Description (english) The super8 projector, the film and the image are used as instruments to produce and modify in real time the light and, using some self-made photosensitive sound devices, the sound. Super8 films are prepared by scratching and patching, piercing and ink drawing to be used in a multiple projection at different speeds. The projection is then manipulated with glass, prisms, lens and mirrors. The projectors and their internal mechanics are also used as sound producing objects in relation with voice and electroacoustic stuff. Released on dvd-R by VIANDE RECORDS in 2013
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