Chicken Dinner

  • Lab
    • Autre / Other
  • Production year 2020
  • Production format 16 mm
  • Screening format Other
  • Chicken Dinner

  • a Film
  • by Natasha Cantwell
  • Description (english) Made during the Covid-19 pandemic, this film is a play on ‚ winner winner, chicken dinner’, a phrase often used by Australians to celebrate personal victory. It reflects on the selfishness that was prevalent in Melbourne as we headed into a lockdown. Starting with toilet paper hoarding, but quickly moving to violence, it wasn’t long before our shops were plastered in hastily made signs reminding us not to attack staff. The sense of community spirit that had shaped our summer during the devastating bushfire season vanished overnight. Last week we had been giving generously to the fire victims in rural communities, but now our survival instincts had taken over and it was every person for themselves.
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