Funes el Memorioso

  • Lab
    • Autre / Other
  • Production year 2015
  • Production format 16 mm
  • Screening format 16 mm
  • Duration 2′
  • Funes el Memorioso

  • a Film
  • by Margaret Rorison
  • Description (english) The final footage of a painter, slowed down to lengthen the memory. Sound by Audrey Chen (voice and cello) & Flandrew Fleisenberg (percussion) 534 frames of Regular 8mm blown up to 16mm using the JK Optical Printer. Shot on 3378E B/W Hicon reversal film. Hand processed with Dektol high contrast developer With the support of Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, Toronto, ON International Artists Residency, August 2014.
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