Northern Lights

  • Lab
  • Production year 2014
  • Production format 16 mm
  • Screening format 16 mm
  • Duration 35′
  • Northern Lights

  • a Performance
  • by Britt Kootstra + Arvid van der Rijt
  • Description (english) Northern Lights is a live cinema performance for five 16mm projectors and hand-processed film loops. Kootstra, a visual artist based in Finland, in collaboration with audio artist Arvid van der Rijt, construct a continuously shifting spatial and immersive environment, with images of natural phenomenon emerging and receding from legibility. “Footage taken from real life alternates with hand-drawn patches of colors, switching back and forth between the projected illusion and the raw material of film. Flying birds show themselves barely recognizable as we arrive in the dusk. Artificial lights arise and pop up in a dreamlike landscape of light and darkness. From the pulsating film loops, colors start to emerge out of the black and white images. As the last colors disappear, the lights fade away into the darkness again.”
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