Obatala Film

  • Lab
    • Autre / Other
  • Production year 2019
  • Production format Super-8
  • Screening format Video
  • Duration 7′
  • Obatala Film

  • a Film
  • by Sebastian Wiedemann
  • Description (english)

    The body re-exists and insists. It is never a closed envelope, but a channel of passage and trance among the most diverse spiritual dimensions (Obatala Film). Film-devotion, film-offering, film-gift. Shot in the mythical Ile-Ife, the sacred city of the Yoruba people and founded by the Orisas, this film seeks to sensory affirm the vertigo of coming into contact with Obatala, orisa creator of the world, of light. Trance of sparks of light, of bodies in spiritual connection.

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