On ira à  Neuilly inch’Allah

  • Labs
  • Production year 2015
  • Production format 16 mm
  • Screening format 16 mm
  • Duration 20′
  • On ira à  Neuilly inch’Allah

  • a Film
  • by Mehdi Ahoudig & Anna Salzberg
  • Description (english) We hear the first strike of young workers from Velib, the Parisian rental bike company. We hear them learning how to drive and organize a demonstration, with the typical language of African working-class areas. We see Paris in black and white, in early morning with only few people on the street, in a long and slow, never ending travelling from the outskirts to Velib headquarters in Neuilly.
  • Description (french) A Paris, de jeunes travailleurs de Vélib’ apprennent la lutte et tentent de s’organiser lors de leur première journée de grève. Par son dispositif, le film interroge aussi la relation tendue entre image et son au cinéma.
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