Press [FIRE] to start!

  • Lab
    • Autre / Other
  • Production year 2018
  • Production format 16 mm
  • Screening format 16 mm
  • Duration 3′
  • Press [FIRE] to start!

  • a Film
  • by M. Woods
  • Description (english) The digital sickness sprouts under the surface, a master vaudevillian working on the nervous system and its digital outgrowth; it’s a residual network, a sort of afterimage of the neural connections, with a carnivorous dendrite doppelgà¤nger. This is the analytical man’s doing. The creation of a nothing that hugs the contoured reflections of its neurological mirror that bends like poached eggs before being broken into small containers and switched on and off. The vaudevillian is trained in the art of distraction and spectacle – which is falsely equated to entertainment. It is the art of entertainment companies to distract enough people from the true farce – their spectacle is not actually entertaining. It’s actually boring and narcotic. At best, it is the equivalent of eating a tub of REAL BUTTER popcorn and drinking corn-syrup calories til your temples throb. At worst, the digital sickness adheres directly to the host through the development of a dogmatic diet of nothingness; this is often supported by a strict philosophy of prescribed escapism; bourgeoisie arrogance arises from the false belief in the stability of human reality. Where apathy and nonchalant complacency in hyperreality are confused for wisdom and being well-adjusted. We will be fine because humanity isn’t dumb enough to wipe itself out. “Humanity isn’t dumb enough to poison itself with its own intellectual backwash.” The vaudevillian needs material. The digital sickness simply eradicates and exterminates whatever it’s given. As long as there is free will and physical reality, the digital sickness will work to metastasize and eventually seize working functions by conforming to the freedom of physical systems in time. While the vaudevillian eventually falls flat when the material is run thin and repeated, the digital sickness’s material never grows old, it just gets mundane or accepted as reality. In fact, it can never grow anything, because it sucks and vomits nothingness like a cold fluorescent fluid, a grain grid, a puddle of circuits; where even randomness is digitized; where even that which is captured organically is caged and tainted pixel meat, beaten raw by carnival barkers. Uncut 16mm with in-camera quadruple exposure – a print will be made for Analog exhibition as well as digital.
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