• Lab
  • Production year 2023
  • Production format Multi-format
  • Screening format Multi-format
  • Duration 120′
  • Projétil

  • a Performance
  • by Tetsuya Maruyama
  • Description (english)

    order of action
    1: Artist-activator in white clothing enters a performance space with a projector, can of black paint, tray and some tools.
    2: Projector, ink and tray are positioned in a row, aimed at a screen.
    3: Disassembly of the projector begins and each part (screws, speakers, shutter, brackets, lens, etc.) is dipped in black paint before being projected against the white screen. The distance between the projector and the screen should be standard.
    4: The projection ends when there are no more pieces to dismantle.

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