Rotoprojector 2

  • Lab
  • Production year 2020
  • Production format 16 mm
  • Screening format 16 mm
  • Rotoprojector 2

  • an Installation
  • by Hrvoje Spudic
  • Description (english) The second iteration of rotoprojector deals with slow rotation speeds (1 – 6 rpm) and a figurative approach. Tools used are a mechanical rotating platform, 16mm Bolex camera and a pair of 16mm film projectors. The filming location is a particular higschool playground in Klaićeva street, Zagreb, chosen as an hommage to Tom Gotovac and his film “Glenn Miller” and more specifically to the constructor of his panning camera stand – Slobodan Mudri. Film sequences were shot by putting the camera on the rotating platform in the center of the field and rotating it at a constant speed of 6 rpm. The subject follows the camera movement and walks in circles around the center of the field. The sequences were then cut and spliced into closed 10 second loops, heads and tails being the same frame. Projection is set up analogous to the shooting setup – the film projectors are placed on the rotating platform facing the opposite sides, two identical film loops loaded to each projector and the rotation speed of the platform set at 6 rpm. The result is a revolving panorama with the subject endlessly walking in circles facing himself across the room. Since the speed of the rotation is identical both in the shooting as in the projection – the spacial points of the image are registered to projection space (i.e. north in the sequence is always facing north in the space of the projection).
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