• Lab
    • Autre / Other
  • Production year 2020
  • Production format 35 mm
  • Screening format DCP
  • Duration 12′
  • Tik-Tak

  • a Film
  • by Michael Fleming
  • Description (english)

    “What does it mean to be a self-conscious animal? It means to know that one is food for worms. We emerge from nothing, we have a name, an excruciating inner yearning for life and self-expression and with all this yet to die. Man is out of nature and hopelessly in it: he has an awareness of his own splendid uniqueness in that he sticks out of nature with a towering majesty, and yet he goes back into the ground a few feet in order to blindly and dumbly rot and disappear forever. It is a terrifying dilemma to be in and to have to live with. ….Tik-Tak.

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