Trees on Film (Autumn 2019 Edition)

  • Lab
  • Production year 2019
  • Production format 16 mm
  • Screening format 16 mm
  • Duration 1′
  • Trees on Film (Autumn 2019 Edition)

  • a Film
  • by Stefanie Weberhofer and many more
  • Description (english) a collective film by Mark Toscano, Deborah S. Philips, Alex Mackenzie, Anna Petruzelovà¡, Karel Doing, Manfred Schwaba, Peter Humble, Gaà«lle Rouard, Douglas Urbank, Andrei Florin, Thomas Chatard and Bjà¶rn Speidel. Initiated by Stefanie Weberhofer 2017 – 2019 16mm color and b/w silent During Mark Toscano’s speech at the symposium FILM IN THE PRESENT TENSE in Berlin in November 2017 the idea of a “collective film labs film” was born. An open call through the film labs mailing list followed. Many trees on film made their way around the world. This is the first result: Autumn Edition 2019. This is an ongoing project and will be extended endlessly. Everyone is welcome to submit a piece of film. Let us grow!
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