Waste Exchange’s Collaborative Filmic Assemblage

  • Lab
    • Autre / Other
  • Production year 2021
  • Production format Super-8
  • Screening format Multi-format
  • Duration 120′
  • Waste Exchange’s Collaborative Filmic Assemblage

  • a Performance
  • by Waste Exchange Collective
  • Description (english) For Prisme #4 we propose ‘Waste Exchange Collaborative Film Assemblage’, an interactive and collaborative performance event centered around the assemblage of a Super 8 (or 16mm depending on projector availability) film. Participants gather to collectively dismantle and manipulate a pre-developed film reel using household utensils and food waste. The event will finish with us projecting the final manipulated and spliced reel in a performative act of screening as praxis. For the duration of the performance event, any separation between art and life is removed as much as the cinematic boundaries between director and audience. The participants have access to the film frame by frame, having the possibility to erase, comment and scratch over what is about to be screened. Waste Exchange is a collective of artists, formed in London, but each of us originating from around Europe, the US, and Canada. Individually, our practices seek to refigure waste in different contexts. For some, the context emanates from an ecological drive, an exploration of sustainability in a time of climate crisis. For others, waste morphs from the material to the deconstruction of identity and memory. As a group we develop, generate, and test methods within collaborative events and workshops, which entangle waste materials with image making. We seek to work with Mire to develop this performance event at Prisme #4, and can scale the materials, duration, and overall scope of the performance depending on anticipated venue and number of attendees. We’ve included documentation video of our previous Waste Exchange Collaborative Film Assemblage for further context, and look forward to discussing this with you further. We would be open to adapt our performance structure to different levels of participation. For example, to a screening form, an installation with restrained public intervention, or even expanded from our initial proposal.
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