Welcome to LAB LOGIN, the updating interface for filmlabs.org laboratories. From here you can modify the information presented in your laboratory page on filmlabs. 

Please note:

  • The films that appear on your lab page can be entered directly by filmmakers using the “Add a new work” form of the FILMS section; there is no need for a login to do this. If the data of a work entered in the past needs a correction, please write webmaster@filmlabs.org
  • If the data about your lab on the interactive map needs to be changed, please write webmaster@filmlabs.org, as it cannot be changed through the WordPress interface.
  • Would you want to change the name of your lab as it appears as a title in capitals in the black portion above the description and in the image of the “All labs” mosaic, please write webmaster@filmlabs.org as this needs a bit more work so that it stays coherent with the film list, interactive map etc.

For everything else, LAB LOGIN is the right place!

1°) Click on “LAB LOGIN” at the bottom of the page and enter your login details; this will redirect you to the filmlabs.org WordPress back office. If you don’t have a set of login ID and password and wish to manage your lab page, please contact us at  webmaster@filmlabs.org

2°) Language of the back office can be set in “Profile”.

3°) You will find the information about your lab is in the “Labs” section. Click on your lab name and you will directed to the “Modify” interface for your lab. From there, all you have to do is enter the data in the different fields. The first two fields are html fields that can be modified with WordPress’ editor to insert links etc, the remaining fields are simple text and image fields that are automatically formatted.

4°) Once your modifications entered don’t forget to click on “Update” to make them appear to the world.