If you manage an artist-run film laboratory and want to appear on filmlabs.org, welcome!

It would be hard to give a strict definition of an artist-run film lab that resembles the full list on the ALL LABS page of this website, but let’s say that it is a space put together by filmmakers in order to produce films, installations and performances using photochemical film, whatever the specifities of its operation.

If you are in this case and want your organisation to be listed, please send julie@filmlabs.org:

  • the exact name of your lab
  • a description of your lab : its history and philosophy, the tools you are sharing, how it is operated…
  • a few images (min. 800 x 300 pixels)
  • practical information : e-mail / phone number (if needed) / physical address of the lab / postal address if different
  • website and social networks related to the lab

We will create the page for you and you will appear on the map! Would you want to administrate this page after that, the way to proceed is explained on our LAB LOGIN page.

Your lab will also appear on the list of the form to add new works, please take some time to add a few, as there is nothing more sad that a lab page with an empty FILMS tab!

Lastly, if your structure is more like a commercial lab doing service, we will gladly list you in the PROVIDERS section, a popular resource for filmmakers using this website. In this case please list in an e-mail to webmaster@filmlabs.org exactly which services you offer.