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  • 71, rue Robespierre
  • 93100 Montreuil
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  • Founded by filmmakers for filmmakers in 1997 in Paris, L’ETNA is a space for creation, workshops and exchanges around experimental cinema. The association aims to ensure material independence for authors caring about cinematographic experimentation, practical and formal proposals.

    Our space is filled with all the necessary equipment for shooting, developing, editing, plastic manipulations on films, and projections in super 8, 16mm, 35mm and digital video format. By putting together the means of fabrication, and demystifying the idea of cinema as an “inaccessible art”, each one can make films here, without waiting for hypothetical funds, and find the tools corresponding to his/her own process of creation.

    L’ETNA is also a space of transmission of a certain knowledge : we propose workshops about the different technics of experimental cinema, in order to share with everyone the esthetical, formal, political, philosophical, technical, personal… questions linked to the art of moving images and sounds.

    Regularly screening in our space allows filmmakers to gather and share their visions and questions. From time to time, screenings outside L’ETNA are also organized, to spread the idea of cinema as a space of experiments and freedom to a wider audience.

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