• Rue des chartreux 26-28
  • 1000 Bruxelles
  • Belgium
  • Jen Debauche, Khristine Gillard, Séverine de Streyker, Els van Riel.

    in memoriam Sébastien Koeppel.

    A laboratory dedicated to film processing and research. (Super 8 – 16mm – 35mm) The medium : the filmstrip in all its forms. Created in February 2006, LABO is a space for the production of images where one works with the material of film, mainly Super 8 and 16mm. Exposing images, developing, processing, transfers, transformations, tests.

    LABO is a toolbox, a place for research and experimentation, thanks to the sharing of knowledge and exchange of practices and know-how. In this laboratory, a cinema of craftsmen is born, autonomous and outside commercial logic.

    – spires de développement 15m
    – chimie N/B et couleur – négatif – positif – inversible
    – tireuse 16mm noir et blanc
    – banc titre d’animation 16/35mm
    – télécinéma super 8mm ( workprinter – moviestuff )

    LABO 2014 expo online flyer.

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