• Labobis
  • Chez Constant VZW / ASBL
  • 5, rue du Fort
  • 1060 Saint-Gilles
  • Bruxelles
  • On the initiative of the non-profit organization Tabula Rasa, a laboratory was set up a few years ago. This one grows up and goes in search of new places.

    His ankles, Sébastien Koeppel, Julien Sigalas et Fred Piet, found LABO BXL.

    Following the meeting of several amateurs sharing the common desire to easily develop their work. This first place is reinvested and refurbished in 2012. LaboBis is born.

    The place is devoted to film development, that is to say a set of rudimentary tools for development. It works in a participatory way.

    Examples of actions: winding in the dark, ventilation that returns, drawing flat, painting on film, development 16mm and super 8mm, color and black and white, workshops, cabarets S8.

    Filling of old super8 cartridges, drilled tanks, questionable chemistries, soap cleaning after each session, crumbling ceiling, rough darkness, phosphorescent water heater, homemade chemistry.

    Our members: Mariette Michaud, Dominique Guth, Christophe Piette, Flora Bleiberg, Julien Bibard, Jerome Zahno, Sara Matou, Elsa Rossler, and 2.3 spirits …

    Friends: Deer, Cinema Nova, LABO BXL,, His aunt present, The Devil’s Corner, ASBL Constant VZW, Nest, the Compilothèque,, the Bunker, Act, Radio Campus, Radio Panik, L Hot Water, Stempel, The Little Movie, Karine Germaix, Illil, Tg Gondard, The Little Island, Cobalt films.

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