• Labodoble ∞
  • Czech Republic
  • Labodoble ∞ was founded in 2013 in Buenos Aires as an itinerant artistic, teaching and curatorial body. We were two to form this minuscule ambulant lab with no physical space. We were traveling, doing performances and giving workshops. It changed in 2016 when we finally rent a place and settle a very basic dark room in Prague. We are autofinanced. The collective hasn’t grown much, but we try to survive. We are interested in exploring the possibilities of the celluloid, making films and film performances, curatorial work for experimental film and research and archaeology of the knowledge in the field of photochemistry.

    Labodoble is open to new members, helds irregular workshops in Prague and abroad and from time to time organizes screenings.

    Our equipment:
    3 lomo tanks, 2 meoreta tanks, 1 morse G3, DIY super8 to 16 mm optical printer, DIY 16 mm contact printer, film cameras (Double8, Super8, 16mm), filters, lenses, film projectors (Regular8, Super8, 16 mm), slide projectors etc.

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