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  • Mire is a non-profit-making association established in Nantes (France) since 1993. Its aim is to screen and produce experimental moving images, – encompassing the historical film practice of experimental cinema, art videos and contemporary digital creation.

    Mire encourages the discovery of experimental works by divers public, through the creation of multiple entries into this field, and by establishing a space for an alternative form of expression, Mire invites the public to appropriate a critical position as an alternative to the domination of the weighty/heavy established culture.

    Mire creates various process and methods of exhibition and projection, of production and learning skills, often in collaboration with other association, institutions or individual artists or collectives.

    Since 1996 Mire opened a do it your self laboratory for its members to develop Super 8 and 16mm color and black and white, as well as a classic photographic dark room.
    Since 2006, in response to the demands of its members, Mire has developed the digital aspect of the Lab (rotoscoping, Kinescoping, digital audio and image editing), without abandoning the photo emulsion side of the filmmaking process. In 2007 a Tipro Debrie* (16mm>16mm and 35mm>16mm) continual printer was restored to working order.

    An annual artist in residence program has been established, with the laboratory as the central context of the residence.
    In the future we hope to acquire a JK optical printer, for high definition digital transfers and the conversion of Super 8 to 16mm.

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